17 April 2012

Top 10 attractions on Fraser Island

1. Scenic flight
Experience a fantastic bird’s eye view of the ancient rainforests, fresh water lakes including the amazing butterfly lake, fabulous stretches of sand dunes and bright blue sea, marine life including whales during whale season, ending with a thrilling beach landing.

2. Lake McKenzie
High in a sand dune, 100 metres above sea level enjoy the crystal clear, blue waters of Lake McKenzie and relaxing soft white sandy shore. Lake McKenzie covers more than 150 hectares and is over five metres deep.

3. Fishing
Enjoying fishing along Fraser Islands famous 75 Mile Beach, known as one of the best beach fishing spots in the world. Trailer boats can be launched in the calm water behind Indian Head and Waddy Point for fishing off the coast.

4. 4WD along the beach
Drive along the 75 Mile Beach highway and enjoy the scenic views, including a ship wreck - but watch out for dingoes! Between June and October you may also see Humpback Whales off the beach. It is advised that essential spares, a tow rope, spade, water and first aid kit are carried.

5. Eli Creek
This is the largest creek on the Eastern side of the island with a flow of eight million litres of water a day. Eli Creek is a popular swimming and picnic spot, you can walk along the boardwalk and watch everyone swimming and floating by in the swiftly flowing creek from the bridge at the far end of the boardwalk.

Float down Eli Creek
6. Champagne Pools
Just North of Indian Head, discover the Champagne pools, a very popular swimming hole. The Champagne Pools are naturally formed by volcanic rock, the ocean crashes over the rocks and into the shallow sandy pools creating foaming water, giving the pools its name. The timber walking tracks and steps enable easy access so everyone can enjoy relaxing in the water or sunbathing along the rocks or sand nearby.

7. Indian Head
Climb to the top of Indian Head for amazing panoramic views of Fraser Island’s beaches. Dolphins, turtles, sharks and huge rays can be spotted from here on clear days. During whale season you are sure to spot the humpback whales passing by.

8. The Pinnacles
The Pinnacles are an ancient sand structure from coloured sands swept assure from the sandstones of inland Australia providing an amazing example of the creative powers of nature. The beautiful mix of red, yellow, brown, and orange sand is best viewed in the morning light which highlights the beauty of all the different shades.

9. Rainforest
Majestic rainforests can be found among the sand providing homes to many beautiful native birds. The dense canopy of trees provides a cool and refreshing place to enjoy a peaceful walk along creeks that are so clear you can see leaves resting on the creek bed. 

Central Station
 10. Lake Wabby
The Island’s deepest lake is Lake Wabby at 11.4 metres which can be accessed through a walking track from the beach. It is known as both a window lake and a barrage lake; window lakes are formed when the ground level falls below the water table and barrage lakes are formed when a sand blow blocks the waters of a natural spring. Unlike the other lakes, Lake Wabby is home to several varieties of fish.

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