6 May 2012

Top 5 Scariest Rides at Dreamworld

1. Giant Drop
Its the tallest, free falling rides in the world at 119 metres high. You are winched slowly all the way to the top, then the starts the wait. You notice the amazing view then all of a sudden you drop with speeds up to 135km per hour. You stop only metres from the ground with such an exhilarating feeling.

The Giant Drop

2. Tower of Terror
If the name doesn’t scare you do you think being blasted into the sky will? The tower of terror blasts its passengers skyward at unprecedented speeds of up to 161 km per hour in just seven seconds before free falling forward. So hold on tight and don’t forget to scream!

The Tower of Terror
3. BuzzSaw 
From the moment you are seated you heart starts to race in your open carriage seat with a single harness. There is little to cling to when you are taken on a suspenseful 46m ascent followed by twisting and turning through a torturous course. Hope you aren’t afraid of heights, when you are dangling upside down 15 storeys high.

4. The Claw
It is suggested you do this ride before lunch as you will be mercilessly swinging back and forth nine stories high at 64kms per hour while twisting 360 degrees. Feeling queasy yet? The Claw is the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and once you are harnessed in there is no escape from fun and thrilling swing ahead.

The Claw
5. Wipeout
Want to ride the wildest wave in Australia? The Wipeout tumbles, twists and spins your body through a range of dumping breaker waves leaving you gasping. Just when  you think the ride begins to slow a second swell of waves hit, take you backwards and hanging upside down. 

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  1. I will never try those rides even if you pay me $1000.