21 May 2012

10 Big Things you’ve never heard of

1. The Big Barramundi
Found in Normanton, Queensland The Big Barramundi offers fresh saltwater fish available for lunch al fresco in the barbeque gardens.

2. The Big Beer Can
Cobar in country NSW now has a place in the Guiness Book of Records thanks to The Big Beer Can. If filled the 5 metre tall structure would fit 10,000 schooners of beer. That’s more glasses of beer than people in the town!

3. The Big Mosquito
Living ominously above the Hexham Bowling Club north of Newcastle, The Big Mosquito draws tourists off the Pacific Highway for a photo and cool drink.

4. The Big Tennis Racquet
Found in Barellan, in the Riverina region of NSW, the 13.8m wooden Dunlop tennis racquet was built in honour of Evonne Goolagong, 14 times Grand Slam winning Australian Aboriginal tennis player.

5. The Big Penguin
Found in the appropriately named town of Penguin on Tasmania’s north west coast this statue represents the friendly visitors to the town each night at dusk. The town has a gorgeous ocean side drive past manicured gardens, sandy beaches and rugged .   

6. The Golden Gumboot
Tully, south of Cairns is the Australia’s wettest town, holding the record for 7.9 metres of rain in 1950. To celebrate this in true Aussie humour The Golden Gumboot was built at exactly 7.9 metres high in 2003.

7. The Big Ned
The famous bushranger Ned Kelly’s legendary story has put Glenrowan in the history books. To ensure we don’t forget this infamous period of history a giant statute of Ned was erected in 1992.

8. The Big Ant
This structure was designed by artist Pro Hart then donated to Broken Hill in 1990, where it can be found sitting proudly beside the Tourist Information Centre. To enjoy the outback scenery why not journey to Broken Hill on the Indian Pacific train from either Adelaide or Sydney.

9. The Big Sundial
The World’s Biggest Sundial is found in Singleton, NSW almost 200km north west of Sydney. Lemington Mine presented it as a gift to the town for Australia’s Bicentennial in 1988. Singleton is close to several Hunter Valley vineyards.

10. The Big Poo
Found in Kiama, NSW The Big Poo was built by local residents as a protest against Sydney Water’s decision not to reuse waste water in the area. The structure, unveiled in 2003, is built out of foam.

Broken Hill
Broken Hill

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