25 June 2012

Trendy Travel Terms

When 2 or more males gather for a holiday away from their partners and families, often involving manly pursuits such as fishing and paintball or attend sporting matches. It may also be a holiday to celebrate (or commiserate) one man’s upcoming marriage.

Similar to mancation this is a gathering of males for a holiday together to enjoy each others company. Bros are described a good friends who spend a quite a bit of time together (often referred to as a ‘bromance’) in pursuit of shared interests and activities.

A couple’s holiday prior to the arrival of an expected baby (usually their first child). A chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company before the new arrival takes up all their time and attention.

Newly married couple who do not have time or monetary funds for a long honeymoon so instead take a holiday of a few days duration i.e. 2 or 3 days. The minimoon may occur at the same location as the wedding was held.

This term refers to the invitation of friends to join you on your honeymoon. It may be that the wedding is held at a destination some distance from your home town (such as a tropical island) and guests are encouraged to stay a few days after the ceremony.

Mini break
Popularised by Bridget Jones book and movie series, a mini-break is a short holiday (often over a long weekend) to a destination within a few hours flying distance.

Nano break
For the X and Y generation this term means a 1 night break away from home. It’s so short it’s nano.

Meaning ‘glamourous camping’, the term is given to camping in style. Glamping usually requires a designer tent with a permanent wooden floor and bathroom facilities offering clean water and flushing toilets. It allows travellers who are use to 5 star hotels enjoy the ‘great outdoors’ without ‘roughing it up’.

Luxurious backpacking where the traveller takes their digital devices including laptop or iPad, smartphone and stay at high end backpackers that may offer double rooms, private bathrooms, TVs in room and luxury facilities such as hair straighteners and wifi internet.

Children holidaying at their grandparents’ house or travel away from home with their grandparents.

A day trip within driving distance from your home (ie road trip) or return flights to a destination for a few hours – such as flying to a city to ‘hit the shops’ for the day.

The choice to spend one’s holidays at home, either to pursue activities around the home such as gardening or to explore your home town’s attractions.

A holiday to assist a friend or relative with a chore, such as moving house or refurbishment or to attend a family event such as a distant cousin’s wedding or family reunion.

A spiritually rewarding holiday (often in a 2nd or 3rd world destination) to help people or animals in need or conserve the planet with no monetary reward. It often includes accommodation and meals for repayment of your time.

A holiday to a tropical or desert destination with the purpose of spending time in the sun, allowing traveller to come home and brag about their ‘holiday tan’.

Spending your holiday at a friend’s house – who lives some distance from your home.

Travelling to a destination featured in a film or television show to see the set/s that appeared on screen. Some tour companies offer tours of film and tv outdoor sets such as Rome’s day tour of the Angels and Demons filming locations and Wellington (NZ) day tour of hobbit landscape.

A trip to an attraction or location that offers a darker side of life, such as a tour of London Dungeon, visiting a haunted house or taking a Sweeny Todd walking tour of East London.

When one or more persons are forced to stay home due to extreme weather conditions. It also applies to a day trip to a highland destination that offers winter activities such as skiing, tobogganing and building snowmen. 

Where one partner suggests a day trip or overnight holiday to their other half, with the intention of proposing to them on said holiday. This may include a special activity or surprise in order to set a romantic atmosphere for the proposal. 

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