12 June 2012

Tali Wiru - Dining under the outback stars

By Stephanie Terrett

Late last month my friend and I took off on an adventure to the red centre. We wanted to do something different from the all those years of beach holidays we had taken with our families and friends. So we decided to get adventurous and take off into the outback, and get in touch with our true Aussie spirit in a bid to experience the ‘true’ Australia. So we thought what better place to do this than make a visit to Uluru (Ayers Rock).

We’d heard good reviews from our friends about Voyages Ayers Rock Resort, and chose to stay at one of their Sails in the Desert Resort rooms, because of its 5-star (AAA) rating and because of us being self-confessed ladies of luxury could not pass up the opportunity to enjoy a girls only week of pure indulgence!

Voyages Sailes in the Desert, Voyages Ayers Rock Resort
Voyages Sailes in the Desert
The staff were really inviting and friendly, and we felt at home in our room, with all the creature comforts of home. We were in awe of the how secluded we were from the outside world and felt peaceful out in the desert.

Now, I am not a spiritual person, but I must say as I sat out on our little courtyard at night, the desert stars and the sounds of the wilderness out in the unknown, gave me a real sense serenity.
Tali Wiru
Tali Wiru

We planned many activities to keep us occupied during our stay, to ensure we didn’t miss one thing. By far the best part of the trip was the ‘Tali Wiru Experience’.

Listen to me when I say you have not lived until you take yourself on this magnificent dining experience, it really is like no other.

The ‘Tali Wiru’, which means ‘Beautiful Dune’ is a big contrast to just your everyday restaurant. Instead of walls, you are surrounded by the true beauty of Australia as you dine underneath a star lit Southern Desert nights sky.

Things started off in the afternoon with Champagne and canap├ęs as we watched the sun set behind Australia’s iconic sacred site, Uluru. My friend and I thought it was very intimate, and would be ideal for couples and honeymooners.

The 4-course dinner was absolutely divine, it was truly fine dining at its best! After eating the seared parmigiano gnocci I was in PURE HEAVEN! The menu was very diverse and unique, and consisted of a variety of iconic Australian produce such as Hervey Bay scallops, king prawns and  kangaroo to name a few.

And how did they know chocolate mouse was my favorite? 

Tali Wiru, Uluru
 Tali Wiru

After having eating all 4 courses, each matched with a-list premium Australian wines, restaurant guests were then captivated by the culturally enlightening dreamtime stories told by a local storyteller.

His stories gave us insight into Aboriginal history, language, spirituality, land and culture, which was something we hadn’t previously learnt. 

Tali Wiru, Uluru
Tali Wiru

When the night ended we were all very satisfied, but at the same time very sad it was all over!

So make sure if you or someone you know is ever considering making the journey to the Uluru (Ayers Rock) area, you must bear in mind this must do life changing experience!

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