16 March 2012

Wild Life Sydney: Baby Golden Brushtail Possum

A rare Golden Brushtail Possum has been introduced to the public at Wild Life Sydney zoo in Darling Harbour. These brightly coloured possums are rarely seen in the wild, only being found in small pockets of Tasmania. Their colouring and piercing eyes are a result of level levels of melanin in their skin.

The 6 month old named Bailey has been hugely popular guests, with her huge dark eyes, tiny pink nose and fluffy pale yellow coat, she is the new star attraction. Bailey is the latest success in the zoo’s breeding program, being the third Golden Brushtail possum born since her parents arrived in 2008.

Wild Life Sydney’s breeding program also includes baby koalas, frill-necked lizards and quolls. The Darling Harbour attraction offers you the chance to get up close to red kangaroos, stroll through a butterfly hothouse, cuddle a koala and come eye to eye with Rex, one of the world’s largest crocodiles.

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