9 March 2012

Melbourne Fashion Festival

Melbourne Fashion Festival March 8 to 15. 2012.
By David Reyne

Melbourne is set to prove once again that it is the fashion capital of Australia. I realise such a statement is likely to put Sydney’s fashion followers noses’ out of joint but, get over it. Besides, they’ve got the world’s most beautiful harbour. And better weather… well, sometimes.

From the 8th to the 15th of March, the Melbourne Fashion Festival will transform the city’s infamous Docklands precinct into an utterly glamorous destination.  

The Fashion Festival itself never fails to jolt the nation’s grooviest into an excited frenzy. Whether it’s the sight of all those alluring catwalk angels strutting like newborn mules, the sizzling creations of the design elite, the often chaotic concoctions worn by the hysterical in attendance, or the cocktail fuelled, doof-doof powered after parties, the Melbourne Fashion Festival can always be relied upon to create an unforgettable spectacle.

And Melbourne, as always, rises to the occasion. Visitors might like to take advantage of the best coffee in the country, throw back a few silky lattes and stay awake for the duration of the festival. 

But, if coffee seems to pump too many amps to your already frazzled nerve ends, soothe them by turning left down any city lane where you’ll find impossibly hip bars hidden away in candle-lit bolt holes. 

As for Docklands, well, Melbournians remain undecided. Edgy, angular apartment buildings vie for space with the colour crazed facades of numerous corporate headquarters while, at their feet, row upon row of sleek yachts and polished cruisers are fringed by freeway ramps, container ship commotion and big city shadows. It’s well worth a ponderous look.

No-one should ever need an excuse to visit Melbourne but if your life requires an injection of style, stoke and stimulation, Melbourne Fashion Festival week could be the mainline hit you need.

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  1. Hey! This happened in one of the San Francisco venues last month also. It was great fun! I love being part of such events or fests, it just feels great sometimes. Anyways, it was good to see this post. My sister lives there, I will update her with this and with the upcoming events.