16 March 2012

Sea World: Animal Adventures

Sea World, located on the Gold Coast, has an array of marine animals for you to see - but for those looking for a bit more there are animal adventures. In these adventures you can get up close and personal with the animal of your choice and have an experience of a lifetime.

Dolphin Aqua Adventure
A dolphin aqua adventure is a dream comes true for any dolphin lover as you have the opportunity to encounter and observe Sea World's beautiful dolphins in their natural habitat. Be amazed while the dolphins show off their personality and tricks only metres away. You will also be provided with some interesting facts and information by your group’s personal dolphin trainer. Each animal adventure comes with a souvenir photo taken by a professional photographer and for a little extra why not get a souvenir DVD to remember you experience. Each adventure is unique to you, the trainer and the dolphin. Dolphin aqua adventures are available in adult, child or family sessions.

Sea World dolphins
Shark Encounter
For the brave that love sharks or those who want to face their fears, a shark encounter will bring you face to face with large shark species. You will experience a thrilling shark feeding session - but don’t worry about loosing an arm because you will be inside an acrylic cage. The shark lagoon is inhabited by large sharks including poetically dangerous species such as the Dusky Whaler Shark which would excite any shark lover or thrill seeker. This is a thrilling and educational experience of a lifetime for anyone over 14 years of age.

Shark at Sea World
This experiences gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with sharks and other marine life, while accompanied by a qualified Shark bay diver. You will swim in Shark Bay’s reef lagoon as smaller whitetip and blacktip reef sharks swim around you. There is also an opportunity for you to look through to the Shark lagoon to see the larger Sharks which are just a window length away. Each dive is an educational experience and all participants must hold a current Diving Certificate and will receive their very own souvenir photo taken by a professional photographer. Also note that this adventure is only available in the holiday periods.

Tropical Reef Snorkel
For the not so brave, but still want to experience the ‘not so dangerous’ sharks there is the tropical reef snorkel. This allows you to swim inside Sea World’s own barrier reef lagoon and come face to face with tropical fish, rays, plus harmless leopard and whitetip reef sharks. This beautiful reef experience is available for anyone 10 years of age and up. Each participant will receive their very own souvenir photo taken by a professional photographer.

Sea World Experience
Seal Safari
A Seal Safari is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to get soaking wet, but is happy to hug a huge, wet furry seal. This experience is open to anyone 5 years of age and over. Every participant will get hands on with these big, fun and furry creatures and the lucky ones may even get a kiss. You will sure to be walk away with fishy hands, a souvenir photo and an educational experience that you will always remember. Each seal safari is unique, made up of just you, the trainer and the seal.

Seal Aqua Adventure
If you want to get wet and swim with these furry friends then consider the Seal Aqua Adventure. You will learn about these amazing creatures as you experience full water based interaction. To capture and remember this once in a lifetime experience every participant will receive a souvenir photo of you and your new friend. For even more memories, purchase a souvenir DVD for a small extra cost. Each seal safari provides a one on one experience with a seal, with just a trainer to guide you. Available to anyone aged 14 years and up.

Penguin Antarctic Adventure
They may walk a bit strange…  but enter their below freezing enclosure and you will see how cute, furry and playful they are up close. You will feel like you are in Antarctica while personally interact with the King and Gentoo penguins and exploring their impressive enclosure. If you are a fan of the movies March of The Penguins or Happy Feet this is a great experience for you to learn more about these incredible creatures. Each adventurer will receive a souvenir photo with their favourite penguin. This adventure is available to persons 14 years and over.

Sea World dolphin interaction
All animal adventures are an additional price to your Sea World entry and must be booked in advance. Be aware that each adventure has separate conditions and different age requirements.

There is plenty to see and do at Sea World and there are great accommodation options near by. Stay in nearby Main Beach with glamour 4 and 5 star accommodation or the central tourist hub of Surfers Paradise. If you’d love to travel to Sea World by monorail why not stay at Sea World Resort. The property has a WaterPlay aqua playground open from September to March plus a kids club for children aged 4.5 – 12 years. For tickets to Sea World contact Sunlover Holidays on 13 88 33 or visit  www.sunloverholidays.com.au/attractions.

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