23 January 2012

The Tangalooma Dolphin Story

Dolphin Feeding Experience
In the 1980’s resort guests kept noticing that a wild dolphin visited the jetty area after dark. They named the dolphin Eric, but soon after she appeared with her new calf Bobo, they realised Eric was a girl and renamed her Beauty. The guests fishing on the jetty at night began throwing their reject fish to Beauty and she slowly began to accept them.

Feeding dolphins at Tangalooma Island Resort
In January 1992 staff took to the water to offer fish from their hands. She wasn’t afraid of the humans and accepted the outstretched fish. With time she encouraged her children Bobo and Tinkerbell to join the feeding. Poor lighting made the dolphins shy to approach the shore, so in 1992 better lighting was set up on the jetty and Resort Guests were first allowed into the water to feed the dolphins.

In 1995 Beauty was discovered to have an infectious tumour on her rostrum. It resulted in her being unable to swim fast enough to catch fish. Unfortunately nothing could be done for her, but her calf, Shadow was only 9 months old and a plan was put together to help her survive. In a break from protocol we lifted Beauty’s feeding allowance and started to encourage Shadow with small fish. Beauty’s last visit to the jetty was on Christmas eve 1995. Three days later, when Shadow arrived by herself, staff knew Beauty had passed.

Feeding dolphins
Beauty left wonderful memories and her 3 children, Bobo, Tinkerbell and Shadow, plus Tinkerbell’s 3 children, Tangles, Storm and Phoenix, and Shadow’s 2 children Silhouette and Zephyr. Each dolphin is gentle and well mannered just like their mother and grandmother Beauty. The group includes 5 females so there is hope that Beauty's descendents will continue to visit for many more generations.

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Quad Biking on Moreton Island
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Kayaking on Moreton Island
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