31 January 2012

Chateau Yering Historic House Hotel

Only a 50 minute drive from Melbourne, in the heart of Yarra Valley lays Chateau Yering Historic House Hotel. The exquisite estate originated in 1837 when stockmen settled in ‘Yering’ – the aboriginal name for the area. The stockmen bought with them vine cuttings which grew to become the region’s first vineyard in 1845. Since then, the Yarra Valley has become known as one of Australia’s finest wine regions and a favoured holiday destination for those seeking breathtaking beauty, serenity and adventure.

The 250 acre estate has exchanged hands many times over the years and was rejuvenated as Chateau Yering Historic House Hotel in 1997. Most of the original house built by the stockmen remains and all additions and changes made over time carefully reflect the original heritage.

There are various suites, each offering unique features to accommodate each and every visitor. The most unusual feature at the property is the presence of stuffed cats in every room. These adorable feline characters rest on the beds to add character and charm in each and every suite, welcoming you for your relaxing stay.

The open fire places, cedar trimmings, claw foot bath tubs and antique furniture create a rich, old English feeling. Filled with unique artwork and vintage pieces such as old-fashioned chess tables, the hotel is one of a kind. It provides the ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of every day life; whether you’re looking for a golfing holiday, adventure or cosy bed-and-breakfast retreat.

Chateau Yering is close to many of the best wineries in the Yarra Valley region and has an award-winning dining room and cafĂ© on site. There are numerous activities and attractions in the area that mustn’t be missed, including the Healesville Sanctuary zoo and animal hospital.

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