13 September 2012

Local Treats

Italy is know for its pizza and pasta, England for its bangers ‘n’ mash, America for the Apple Pie, France for their pastries well now its Australia’s time to shine and showoff out national treasures.

Moreton Bay Mud Crabs

Queensland is renowned for its beautiful beaches and known as the Sunshine State. A local delicacy from the Moreton Bay region is about to be discovered the Moreton Bay Mud Crabs.  

They inhabit tropical to warm temperate waters which is mostly along the eastern coast. They are quite easy to catch though tying them up is the most important so they don’t escape. They are best enjoyed fresh just simply boiled until the shell turns red with a little lemon. However, there are amply recipes to enjoy these local treat.

Due to such high demand for the Moreton Bay mud crabs it is required in Queensland to hold a permit when holding female crabs.

Morton Bay Mud Crab, Queensland
Morton Bay Mud Crab, Queensland

Harry’s Café de Wheels.

If you want an authentic Australian pie and you are in Sydney then there is no better place than at Harry’s Café de Wheels. Their signature pie is the ‘tiger’ which is a stack consisting of a chunk beef pie, mash, mushy peas and gravy.  They are perfect for anytime time of the day where for lunch or a midnight snack these pies definitely will not disappoint.

With a long history initiating from the man himself Harry Edwards his amazing business idea has lasted the test of time. Now classified as a ‘quintessential Sydney icon’ in December 2004 by the National Trust of Australia (NSW) and is included on its register. It has received the thumbs up from multiple celebrities who visited over the years including Frank Sinatra, Sir Richard Branson and Elton John.

'Tiger'  signature pie at Harry's Cafe de Wheels, Sydney
'Tiger'  signature pie at Harry's Cafe de Wheels, Sydney

Original spot of Harry's Cafe de Wheels at Woolloomooloo, Sydney
Original spot of Harry's Cafe de Wheels at Woolloomooloo, Sydney

Melbourne Coffee

Melbourne is known for its small alley ways covered in graffiti, boutique shops, food, arts and culture. Coffee is also one to add to the list as their signature drinks with the aroma filling the streets. It hosts annual exhibitions and competitions all in the art of coffee including Detpak Australian Barista Championships and Melbourne International Coffee Expo. Coffee art is a must and some of the most talented and internationally recognised artists are located right in Melbourne. 

Coffee is imbedded everywhere in the cities culture with guided tours showcasing the best places, explaining the history and brewing process. It intiated on Bourke Hill when the Melbournians were challenged to develop “cupping skills” inciting the craze of coffee.

For the Melbourne weather which has a mind of its own, there is no better comforter than a freshly brewed coffee. With 400 street cafes, there is definitely one which will fit your tastebuds in a heartening atmosphere.  

Amazing coffee art, Melbourne
Amazing coffee art, Melbourne

Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley region is located in South Australia and is a landmark region known as Australia’s most famous wine region. Home to internationally regarded wine writers, judges, retailer, consumers and producers as well as 5-star food and dining.

This region is the longest unbroken lineage of winemaking and grape-growing families with some entering their seventh generation. In a response to the pressure from the European wine industry to develop an internationally recognised system and name the Barossa Valley was born.  It has 160 years of European cultural traditions embedded into the methodology and production it has been labelled as an old New World wine region.

Over time it has developed its own unique varietal style, the Barossa Shiraz. Including their most expensive and sought after embodiments, Penfolds Grange and Henschke Hill of Grace. 

Barossa Valley Region vineyards, South Australia
Barossa Valley Region vineyards, South Australia

Little Creature Beer

Australians are perceived as a laid back country with a stubby in one hand and a pie in the other. There are heaps of established beer brand in Australia and around the world but now there is a new one Little Creatures which is taking Australia by storm. Located in Western Australia, Fremantle this locally brewed beer is certainly one to try. There signature beers are the Pale Ale and Bright Ale which is their take on purely Australian style ale.

Developed by a group of friends who have a love for great beer and it was a life long dream to develop a beer which they wanted to drink, a hop driven pale ale. Inspiration was taken from pilgrimages through the US and turned into reality of establishing a brewery.

Little Creatures Brewery’s are open everyday except Christmas and happily give customers a tour of the building, the whole production process with of course some essential taste testing.  There is a restaurant onsite to enjoy your ale with some local food.

Little Creatures Brewery at Fremantle, Western Australia
Little Creatures Brewery at Fremantle, Western Australia

Crocodile Meat

For a taste of unique Australian cuisine which is very popular and now even catching on overseas is crocodile meat. It is a succulent white meat with a texture of fish but a taste similar to chicken. There are so many delicious recipes and ways to try this unique meat to suit your tastebuds. Native to the Northern Territory,  this something that you have to try when visitng.

It is a great source of nutrients as it is high in protein and best when cooked in the same manner as lean pork or chicken. 

Crocodile Skewers, Northern Territory
Crocodile Skewers, Northern Territory

Tasmania Salmon

Tasmania is truly a seafood lover’s haven place. There are multiple competitions and exhibitions for enthusiast to showcase and try Tasmania’s foods including the Hobart Fine Food Awards. Surrounded by ocean it produces the high quality Tasmania Salmon. Rich in omega-3 and countless other health benefits this delicacy is one healthy local treat.

It can be served raw, slightly salted, smoked and of course cooked to your taste.  It is used highly in sushi and other Asian cuisine. There is the option of both saltwater or seawater depends on preference. Another delicacy is the Tasmanian caviar which highly regarded around the world. 

Tasmanian Salmon, Tasmania
Tasmanian Salmon, Tasmania


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