3 August 2012

Top 5 Spooky Spots in Australia

Port Arthur, Tasmania  
Take a lantern-lit Historic Ghost Tour of the World Heritage listed site of Port Arthur by night and be guided on a mysteriously intriguing historical journey.

Learn of bizarre occurrences among the darkened ruins and heritage buildings where convicts, settlers and soldiers once walked. There is almost two centuries of documented sightings and reports of paranormal activity.

Port Arthur, Tasmania credit Peter Luxton
Port Arthur, Tasmania credit Peter Luxton

Old Melbourne Gaol
Once home to dangerous criminals, petty offenders, the homeless and the mentally ill, the Old Melbourne Goal is now a popular tourist attraction where you can step back in time and walk the road to the gallows of the 19th century prison.

Between 1842 and its closure in 1929 the gaol was the scene of 133 hangings including that of Australia’s most infamous citizen, Ned Kelly.

Take a Ghost Tour by night and you could become of the many who have witnessed paranormal occurrences, or take the Hangman’s Night Tour and learn the stories of the ‘rope master’.

St Helena Island, Brisbane
St Helena Island National Park historic area once functioned as a high-security colonial prison from 1867, and was home to hundreds of society’s outcasts.

It was a tough life on St Helena, where severe punishments such as lashings, dark underground cells, gagging, and energy-sapping shot drill did not go astray.

Ghost tours of St Helena are taken by night, but be prepared for the unexpected at the island’s cemetery.

Brisbane, Queensland
Brisbane, Queensland
The Rocks, Sydney
Take a tour of The Rocks in Sydney to hear true stories of murder, suicide, hangings, hauntings and ghosts as you journey along the cobblestone lanes.

From the earliest history of the settlement, the area had a reputation as a slum, often frequented by visiting sailors and prostitutes. During the late nineteenth century, the area was dominated by gangs and maintained a rough reputation until the 1870’s.

Many of the sites on The Rocks Ghost Tour have had recent reports of sightings and strange phenomena, where you may encounter shades of the dead lingering amongst the living.

The Rocks, Sydney
The Rocks, Sydney

Fremantle Arts Centre, Western Australia
Built in 1867, the Fremantle Arts Centre is said to be the most haunted place in the Southern Hemisphere, mainly because of the amount of sightings people have had there.

Originally a mental asylum, it was condemned in 1900 after two deaths and a Government inquiry, though its patients weren’t relocated until 1909.

Ghost tours taken by night will prove paranormal activity is abundant in the old gothic-style building, which is said to be haunted by at least 10 restless spirits.   

Fremantle, Western Australia

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