30 July 2012

Top Ten Tips for a Good Flight

  1. Check your ticket and check your departure time online prior to getting to the airport to ensure the planes are running on time.
  1. Have a pair of socks to stay warm for those cold airplanes.
  1. To avoid a neck cramp maybe invest in a neck rest cushion. Those wierd looking u-shape cushions or something similar.
  1. Have all your documentation i.e. ticket, itinerary, passport in one place. Maybe a separate little wallet for them.
  1. Bring some gum or some lollies to chew or suck for those who suffer from ears popping on take-off or decent.
  1. Walk or move around the cabin as much as you can during the flight to avoid getting stiff and suffering from inflamed/bloated legs.
  1. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated as cabin air is generally dehydrating.
  1. Wear comfortable clothing and foot wear i.e. so you do not need to do up 500 buttons or undo zips in difficult places.
  1. Take some wet wipes to refresh yourself during the flight or to wipe/sanitise your hands.
  1. Most importantly take some interesting reading material as those plane magazines can only be read a few times before you know all the offers off by heart.

1 comment:

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